Our team has the expertise and experience to address the most complex and evolving needs of clients. With an enhanced collaborative approach, we provide you with local attention and national support. Outside of our immediate team, we have direct access to dedicated specialists in the areas of estate, insurance, wealth, and mortgage planning. If your situation is more complex, the IG Private Wealth Planning Experience offers advanced support provided by an industry-leading multidisciplinary team, which includes tax accountants, estate lawyers (and notaries in Québec), financial planning specialists, pension specialists and individuals with various types of advanced expertise.


Clients deserve the best service possible, and we take real pride in providing it to them. We put ourselves in their position and try to pro actively think what we would want from our advisor. I take great professional pride in ensuring they are comfortable and understand fully how their accounts are managed, and why.  

Corey Kudrowich, Executive Financial Consultant



 I believe customer service means making it easy and fast for clients to get the help they need, when and how they need it! I am honoured to be able to be the person to deliver that to clients. 

Wendy Westlund, Administrative Assistant

Regional Specialists

Regional Estate and Insurance Specialist,
I.G. Insurance Services Inc.
Wealth Specialist,
Investors Group Securities Inc.